Estate Planning


Though each of us must one day face death, it is seldom discussed and even more seldomly planned for. Yet, poor planning for the future can result in difficulty and unintended consequences for the people you love most.

At Chace Campbell, P.A. estate planning is our passion, and we will assist you in understanding your options and planning for your particular needs. We will start by equipping you with accurate and up-to-date knowledge of South Carolina law and then proceed to formulate a clearly outlined action plan that is best for you.

Our goal is to help you successfully and efficiently navigate the complicated legal landscape surrounding estate planning and ensure that your wishes are executed as you specify. Ultimately, by taking the time to plan now, you will minimize the future burden on your loved ones.

Drafting your will

Planning your estate begins with drafting a simple will. We will start you off by helping you understand all of the elements of a will and what options are best for your particular situation. We can also review an existing will if you have one and recommend appropriate revisions and updates.


Establishing power of attorney

Depending on your particular situation, you may wish that someone other than yourself has the authority to act on your behalf. We will assist you in establishing power of attorney in accordance with South Carolina law.


Memorializing your health care directives

In addition to power of attorney, you also have the option of leaving instructions for your health care provider in the event of your incapacitation. By making these decisions in advance, you free your loved ones from having to make the difficult decisions that often accompany an unexpected tragedy.


Setting up a trust

Each person’s situation is unique, and you may not wish to make all of your assets immediately payable to your heirs. In such a case, you have the option of setting conditions that must be met in order for assets to be distributed. For example, you may want to withhold certain assets until an heir graduates from college. We will help you understand your options and help you prepare the appropriate documents.