Michelle Dender

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As the Office Manager for ChaceLaw Limited Company, Michelle Dender works with each client in the financing end of their case with the firm.  In addition, she focuses on managing the day to day activities at the office.  This includes all invoicing, processing of payments, balancing of books, and assisting the staff with any administrative duties involved in your cases.  Michelle is very detail oriented and takes pride in building rapport with each client that ChaceLaw Limited Company services. 

Michelle’s professional experience includes sales, legal staffing, and managing office staff in different capacities for 20+ years.  From 2004-2007 she made one of her loves a business, by owning a retail soccer specialty store in Greenville. 

Outside of work, Michelle enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her 2 beautiful children. She enjoys writing in her spare time.

Education and Accomplishments

LSPG Upstate Chapter - President 2017-2018 & President 2018-2019

LSPG Upstate Chapter - Vice President 2015-2016

LSPG Upstate Chapter - Secretary 2014-2015